We work to improve the livelihoods of small scale farmers and the sustainability of farming communities by fostering ecological land use management.

What We Do

Promotes Participatory Ecological Land Use, Management practices in the East and Southern region
Collective herding
Builds the capacity of Country Working groups to respond appropriately to Member and community needs as they work to empower the communities they work with
Increases the visibility and voices of the Small-scale farmers
Promotes sharing of information on development experiences, innovations, and best practices.
Lobbies (directly) for change and formulation of policies in favor of Small scale farmers
Where We Operate

PELUM Association operates in 12 countries of East, Central and Southern Africa.

Since 1995


working to improve the livelihoods of small scale farmers and the sustainability of farming communities.

To Facilitate the Establishment and effective functioning of Regional, Sub-regional, and National structures to facilitate learning, experience sharing, and collective advocacy towards widely promoting and upscaling ecological land-use management for improved, resilient and sustainable livelihoods of smallholder farming communities in East and Southern Africa.

Our Vision

Empowered and self-organized farming Communities in East and Southern Africa are able to make well-informed choices towards their improved quality of life that is socially, economically, and ecologically sustainable.

Our Mission

To Promote Participatory Ecological Land Use Management Practices for Improved livelihoods among Smallholder farmers and agro-pastoralist in East and Southern Africa.

Our Values

Our partners

Bread For The World Partner PELUM Association
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